LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn discusses Aviva's role in the middle, acupuncture, and Carole's title.

on Jul 2, 2012

Aviva's attempt at making peace between Ramona and Heather was admirable, but they are big girls and can work out their differences (or not) without Aviva's well-intentioned assistance. Aviva is truly a nice person and I admire her willingness to step into the fray, but I'm not surprised that both girls threw her under the bus for trying.

I respect Carole's title even if she chooses not to use it. To use or not to use a title is an individual decision.

Heather's worked in the fashion and entertainment industries for years and knows a lot of top stylists including her friends at Curve. I wasn't surprised that Ramona dissed the boutique and the clothing, nor was I shocked that she got into it with Heather even though Heather extended an olive branch by including her. As for Ramona trying to one-up Carole's news about her new book being made into a television show by sharing that Ramona Pinot was going to be sold in Target, what can I say. . .tacky.

Until next week, bisous!