Cast Blog: #RHONY

Forgive, Even If You Can't Forget

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Carole: Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies. . .

Ramona: Just Don't Ask Me to Go Every Year

Forgive, Even If You Can't Forget

LuAnn would like everyone to let go of their grudges and for Sonja and her ex to let go of each other.

Sometimes you have to put the past behind you so you can move forward. In this episode we see why holding onto grudges is unhealthy and how important it is to forgive, even if you can’t forget.

I feel bad that Sonja is having a difficult time reaching a settlement with her ex. You would think he would want to settle so they can both move on with their lives? Because Sonja’s ex is dragging this out, she has to live with anxiety about what the future holds for her and her daughter. It’s unfair.

I’m wondering why Sonja waited so long to take down the portrait of her ex husband! It’s time for Sonja to move forward regardless of whether she’s reached a final settlement in her divorce. It’s going to be therapeutic for Sonja to redecorate her dining room and fill it with art that she enjoys and that doesn’t remind her of the past.

Aviva and Ramona’s lunch played out just like I thought it would. They are both so different and both are unwilling to let bygones be bygones. I think Aviva was wrong to blame Ramona for Sonja’s behavior. While Ramona loves to party with Sonja, Sonja is a grown woman and can make her own choices.

Poor George! He loves Aviva and probably would do anything for her but coming to Ramona’s charity event and advocating for Aviva wasn’t the best idea even if he was bearing donations. Aviva needs to fight her own battles and keep her father out of it. We tried to preserve his dignity by walking out with him but I know he felt embarrassed. I just wish George had opted to leave before Ramona called in the guards to have him removed.

Until next week, bisous!