LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn addresses Carole's comments and says she's shocked by Heather's behavior at the reunion.

on Oct 9, 2012

What makes a mean girl? A mean girl hoards her friendships and doesn’t think other people are good enough to join her circle. A mean girl says things like “You’re not good enough to wear a certain designer.” A delusional girl says that she bought all the clothes on the rack outside her apartment door when you know that they are out there to be picked up by a designer’s assistant.

Part 1 of the reunion ends with Aviva profusely apologizing to Ramona and Sonja who were not in a very forgiving mood that day. Aviva’s learning the hard way that once you say something, it’s out there and you can’t take it back no matter how much you say you are sorry. We all have compassion for Aviva and while Ramona and Sonja may eventually forgive her, it’s hard to say whether or not they will forget.

Until next week when we return with the Part 2 of the reunion, bisous!