LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn really wants to stop talking about the wine tasting and wonders if Ramona can go an evening without fighting.

on Aug 14, 2012

Heather's frustration with Sonja has been building but I think both women brought great ideas to the table and I'm sure Sonja got some nice photos for her toaster oven launch. I wonder if Heather feels that since Sonja was getting all this help for free that she should be more grateful and less demanding? No good deed goes unpunished, and I'm sure Heather will think twice before lending her expertise to a friend again.

I don't understand Sonja's hesitation in giving Heather credit but I see how Sonja feels that this brand is hers and no one else's. Sonja is her brand and I believe that if she follows her vision, she will succeed. I mean, who doesn't need a great toaster oven?

I feel bad that Aviva experiences so much anxiety in her life but I do think that the best way to overcome fear is to confront it head on. She wants to travel with Reid because he calms her and makes her feel safe. I can understand that but depending on another person for your serenity is unhealthy and Aviva needs step out of her comfort zone without Reid so that she becomes comfortable when setting out on her own.