LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn really wants to stop talking about the wine tasting and wonders if Ramona can go an evening without fighting.

on Aug 14, 2012

Can't Ramona go to a party without fighting with someone? Here she is at her own wine launch party where she should be concentrating on her guests and instead, she's going at it with Heather! Sonja is playing both sides in this conflict, but both Heather and Ramona are on to her. I can see why Sonja didn't want Ramona at the photo shoot but she should be honest with Ramona as to why she didn't want her there. Heather was very accommodating to Sonja throughout this entire project and she would even have allowed Ramona to attend the shoot had Sonja asked. Sonja needs to take responsibility for her choices and stand up for her decisions.

I really like Aviva and I think she's a very nice person but I don't think she should have confronted me about the wine games. Where is Aviva's sense of humor? She can sit at dinner while her father makes bawdy jokes but she gets offended by a wine tasting where Ramona's wine was only one of many wines that we tried that night? Please. . .let's move on from this subject. . .I'm so over talking about that evening.

Good for Heather for standing up for Jacques when the group decided to make fun of him behind his back! The only thing negative thing they could come up with about Jacques is that he has a French accent? He's French! I love the way he talks and I admire his composure when dealing with people like Mario and Ramona. Mario, Ramona, and Aviva were acting very immature that night and I think they should apologize for insulting the man I love.

Until next week, bisous!