LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn discusses Carole's nickname and table manners, and sets the record straight on "Gangsta Chic."

on Jul 9, 2012

London is an amazing city and one of my favorite place to visit. It was such a treat to stay in the hotel's penthouse with the girls. I felt that we all grew a little closer during our trip, and it was a pleasure to be with a group of ladies who like to have a drama-free good time!

Pumpkin Head? I've been called many things but Pumpkin Head is a new one for me. Carole said that only her most gorgeous friends get called this. so I guess I’m flattered?!?

Ramona's reaction while shoe shopping to Aviva's prosthetic leg was immature and way over the top. I admire how Aviva handled Ramona's questions and how patient she was with Ramona. When Ramona said that Heather is jealous of her, I had to laugh. Heather is one of the most successful and secure women I've ever met.

The egg stalls in the bathroom were really interesting but I didn't get Heather's joke until she explained it to me. I guess it's because my kids are older that poop jokes go right over my head!