LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn discusses Ramona's pull on Sonja and Carole's diagnosis of her name-dropping.

on Jun 25, 2012

Carole was poking fun at me about name-dropping and I didn't take offense -- and I hope that people with Tourette's didn't either. Having lived in Europe for over a decade, the Borgheses are close friends of mine and I was just seeing if Carole knew them too.

Ramona's outburst at Sonja during her party was all too typical unfortunately. I know that Ramona counts on Sonja to take her side, but in this case Sonja stood up for herself and for Heather, which obviously made Ramona uncomfortable. Instead of being there for her good friend, Ramona made a scene and stormed off. Selfish.

Until next week, bisous!