LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn is glad Carole confronted her and she thinks Aviva should do the same to Ramona.

on Jul 30, 2012

I'm not surprised that Sonja and George didn't hit it off. Sonja likes to joke and flirt, but George took it way too far. I don't think he understands that a woman like Sonja doesn't want to date an older playboy, especially at this time in her life. Why George comes on so strong is a mystery to me because he's handsome, successful and, yes, according to him, virile. It makes me think that he hasn't gotten over the loss of his wife and by acting this way; he doesn’t have to worry about finding a woman who wants a long-term commitment.

I heard what Carole had to say about Naeem lending me a dress and I respect her for telling me this to my face (finally). What I don't understand is why Carole feels she has to protect Ranjana and Naeem who are in business to sell clothing and jewelry to people who want to buy their clothing and jewelry. Carole borrows plenty of designer clothing as we all do for photo shoots and special events but if she doesn't want me to ask Naeem again, I won't. While Naeem's a good designer and I love his dresses, I have many designer friends who are more than happy for me to wear their clothes.

Until next week, bisous!!