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The Vacation That Never Ends

LuAnn laments the ladies' inability to stop fighting and enjoy St. Barths.

Welcome back my friends to the vacation that never ends (not really, it does in this episode)! I had a really nice time overall in St. Barths, and I appreciate the effort Carole made to host us. I just wish that the girls could have spent more time relaxing than fighting, but when you send the housewives anywhere, it gets interesting to say the least!

In my opinion, Aviva, Ramona, and Sonja spent way too much time arguing and not enough time enjoying St. Barths. We were staying in an amazing house on an incredibly beautiful island and instead of appreciating what a privilege it was to go on this vacation, the girls became mired in a sea of negative energy. To me, every minute they spent fighting was time they didn’t spend relaxing and having fun.

I didn’t have a problem with Carole and Aviva going on a dinner date without us, and I encouraged the other girls to go out with me and have fun anyway. Why waste a perfectly good night worrying that we weren’t included? I knew that we’d enjoy our night with or without Carole and Aviva.

Aviva was angry with Ramona and Sonja so I wasn’t surprised that she got into it again with Sonja -- but I did think that Aviva went too far and that is why you see Sonja getting very frustrated and storming off. Sonja likes to have fun and Aviva was being a buzzkill by harping on and on about how hurt she was by the reception she received. I also think that Aviva was being judgmental of Sonja and that Sonja did try to see Aviva’s point but she’d had enough of Aviva’s need for praise.

On Sonja and Tomas’ romp in the garden, I said this last week and I’ll say it again, Sonja and Tomas are adults and they can do whatever they want with each other. It’s not any of my business to judge Sonja or her love life.

Why did Sonja and Ramona skip Russ’ concert? For gals who love to have fun and party, it was weird that packing to go home became such a priority that they missed a great show and the chance to show their gratitude to Carole for planning such a wonderful trip. Russ’ performance was the catalyst for this vacation and the reason why we went to St. Barths, so skipping his performance was pretty thoughtless.

Sonja and Ramona were definitely a bit looped the last night! Carole planned a lovely last dinner for us and because Sonja and Ramona had over indulged, they kept us waiting at the table while they stumbled around their dressing room trying to pull themselves together.

All’s well that ends well and it felt great to concoct a plan to get Ramona in the pool on the last night. We couldn’t get her out of the pool on the previous days and nights so when she was acting like a prude on this night, I said enough is enough! The trip ended on a good note because of our communal dip so I’m glad our plan worked.

Until next week, bisous!