LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn says nothing happened with Tomas and laments lying about their innocent evening at the villa.

on Aug 28, 2012

What may have looked like infidelity on last night's episode was in reality, a ride home with a friend and a tour of the house after an evening of fun on vacation eight months ago. Do you think I would bring a man back to a houseful of housewives (and cameras) if I were planning on having an affair? My big mistake was trying to avoid the speculation and assumptions by telling a white lie. The problem with telling a white lie is that once you say it, you have to stick to your story, that's why I made the call when I heard that Tomas was coming for dinner that night. Never tell a fib because it can snowball out of control. LESSON LEARNED. As I write this, Jacques and I are on vacation and we couldn't be more united and happy!

Room assignments are always tricky when traveling with the girls, but I was happy when Ramona and Sonja decided to be roomies because it left me one of the best rooms in the house.