Ramona Singer

Ramona shares her thoughts on LuAnn's wine night set-up.

on Jul 24, 2012

Mario and I were so looking forward to going to South Beach. It was during Art Basel week. I had got us all invited to so many exclusive dinners, lunches, parties, and exhibits. There would not be enough time in the day to go to all.

We are very social and have lots of energy. I'm not sure where Aviva was going with the wet t-shirt contest, which she would win over me.

Prime 112 is my favorite restaurant in South Beach and the owner Myles is a great friend of mine. He gave us the best corner table in the wine room to dine that night.

I could not believe the size of the hot dog Aviva ordered. Leave it to her father to suggest it. Seems like Aviva's dad always has sex on his mind.

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