Ramona Singer

Ramona explains why she was so in awe of Aviva's leg and what she really thinks of Heather.

on Jul 9, 2012

I went shoe shopping with Aviva, and I have to say she is a remarkable woman. We as women in our society have a lot of pressure to look good. So much emphasis is put on one's looks. We all can wish for that to not be so -- but it is.

Aviva, as we all know, had a tragic accident where she lost her foot at a young age. When she was in her 20s the only way she could get a aesthetically beautiful prosthetic was by amputating more of her leg, to below the knee. I can't even think how much courage and strength it took Aviva to do that. Her prosthetic Is a piece of art. I was amazed how real it looked -- right down to toenails and pores. The workmanship and details are beyond impressive. You would have to touch it to know it's not a real leg -- that is how real it looks! Yes, I showed my awe and amazement, as I never knew something so spectacular as this could be done.