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Aviva Rage

Ramona can't understand why Aviva was so shocked about the trip's changing dynamic.

LuAnn was trying to be composed when Tomas came over. We all knew she had him over the night before. All this talk of her Italian friends? LuAnn really needed to give it up. It was becoming Italian-gate. French-gate. No it's LuAnn-gate!


Sonja was on a mission to make Tomas hers that night, and LuAnn was not too happy about that. I couldn't help myself but to flirt and tease with Tomas and LuAnn was not happy about that either!

The five of us had the best day on the boat! We all got along and I was even enjoying Heather’s company! No one knew the exact time of arrival for Reid and Aviva. Sonja and I would always swim in the pool at the end of the day. Sonja loves bathtubs and as there was none in this grand villa she made the pool her tub! Aviva’s arrival in a blazer and buttoned up shirt should have been my first clue of how high tightly wound she was. Nothing in the world could have ever prepared me for "Aviva Rage.”

Was this displaced anger? I am always direct and upfront when Aviva asked me point blank if there was any discussion about her bringing Reid to stay. I hesitated at first but then I had to own it. I told her I had said the "dynamics would change". You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that the dynamics would change. Even if Aviva had come by herself, the dynamics would have changed.


It was always understood that if Aviva came to St Barths, Reid would stay at another place and not with all of us. Now you have LuAnn the s--t stirrer claiming I wanted to throw Reid out. LuAnn herself had said the dynamics would change and now she's pinning this all on me?!?

Aviva decided last minute to change the plan and have Reid stay with us so, of course, the girls would be discussing this. Who wouldn't? This was too much drama after such a great day. I decided I had to try to calm Aviva down and get everyone in a better place, no thanks to LuAnn. I asked Aviva to let everything go. We were all accepting her and Reid anyway Aviva wanted. It still wasn't enough for her. She wouldn't give it up. I am not pleased how she spoke to Sonja and me. She was very critical and judgmental. Aviva has two sets of rules: one for her father and one for Sonja and me. You will continue to see Aviva being relentless with us and her displaced anger and contrived stories in the next few episodes.