Ramona Singer

Ramona explains why she was so upset with Heather (and Sonja).

on Aug 14, 2012

I think Sonja's idea of having two looks for her photo shoot was a good one, which I encouraged her to pursue. Heather and Sonja both had strong visions. Sonja's was to have shots of herself alone and also separate shots of the toaster. I still believe a focus group before shooting would have provided the answers as to what direction to take.

I was very excited about the launch of my Ramona Red Wine. The Pierre is a very special place to me, it is where Mario and I renewed our vows. This was the perfect place to host the introduction of my Sangiovese Merlot from Tuscany. It just so happened I was also on the cover of two magazines J'Adore and Millennium -- I have never been on one cover, let alone two, so I thought, why not celebrate that also?

The fact that LuAnn has no comprehension that my wine is a large business, which I am passionate about and invested in, just proves to me her lack of business savvy. I was so thrilled about introducing the newest addition to my Ramona wine brand -- now I have a red to complement my white.

What people don't know is I enjoy my red wine as much as I do white -- I don't drink red wine in public as it would end up all over myself and friends (LOL!).