Ramona Singer

Ramona explains what it takes to run a business, why she apologized to Heather, and where she is with LuAnn.

on Jun 19, 2012

I really enjoyed Carole having lunch with Mario and I. I want Mario to get to know the women in my life who are becoming important to me. I have never felt threatened by women who don't have spouses or boyfriends. There are some married women who would never invite a single woman to their home or include them with their husband. Mario is warm, outgoing, and sexy. Of course, all my women friends flirt with him, and Mario flirts right back!

I find nothing wrong with it, and of course I teased Carol and Mario about this when we all had lunch!

When Heather invited Aviva to go to London I couldn't believe she didn't jump on it. I was taken aback when Aviva said she finds it difficult to travel without Reid. Aviva went to college on her own for four years and she traveled to Paris on her own, so I'm not understanding why she can't go to London alone with the girls.

What was with LuAnn having to leave as soon as I sat down next to Sonja? I thought we agreed to let it all go, then LuAnn says I try to keep Sonja from her? Why can't people share friends? How funny that when I was talking to Sonja I would not let Mario get in a word? I so wanted to talk to Sonja about Heather that I never gave Mario a chance. LOL.