Ramona Singer

Ramona is ready for Aviva to switch back to her old self.

on Sep 25, 2012

Sonja is ready to let go of the past and grab onto the future. Removing the painting of her ex-husband from her home symbolizes that. You could feel the pain of Sonja realizing she had to let go and move forward. Divorce is always hard and it takes so much strength to get through it. I haven’t gone through this and LuAnn has. She showed such a warm, kind, compassionate side of herself with Sonja. I am happy LuAnn was there for Sonja to give her the support and understanding she needed. This was a healing process for Sonja and I am confident she will find someone very special in her life.

I just loved the scene between Carole and Mario. True Faith Jewelry is a Singer family business that crosses generations. They produce awards, medals, jewelry. Amazing pieces! Mario was thrilled to be able to help Carole get some trophies made for her ping pong charity event and they came out awesome! Its always great when your friends and significant other get along and I really enjoyed watching Carole and Mario interact and work together in his office.

I grew up in a home with domestic violence. So many victims are afraid to speak because they are afraid of the judgments. Domestic violence crosses all races and classes. I have tried to give it a voice whenever I can. I decided to raise money for a NYC shelter that takes in women and children who are victims of domestic violence. I set it up as a ladies luncheon, women supporting women. There was a fashion show showing Kimberly Towers’ designs, wine, hors d’oeuvres, and a pretty glass bowl set up where everyone could put their donations.