Ramona Singer

Ramona is ready for Aviva to switch back to her old self.

on Sep 25, 2012

I have to apologize to the shelter (who for privacy reasons and the protection of the women staying there ask not to be named) for what that event became. It was supposed to be positive and bring a voice and light to a cause and it turned negative and about people it shouldn’t have been about. It was really difficult to watch and relive.

When Aviva called me to meet her for breakfast I for sure thought she wanted to clear the air and have us be in a good place again. I wanted the pre St. Barth’s Aviva back, not the A-diva who showed up.

I have never encountered anyone in my life with so many phobias and anxieties. Does Aviva use these anxieties and phobias to excuse herself from being so mean? Who speaks with such vile words!? What happened to the Aviva who said, “Say what you mean, but don’t be mean"?

I was sincerely hoping that at our meeting we would get to a better place. Harry (Aviva's ex-husband) and I have been friends for years, long before I knew Aviva. I called Harry to see if he could give me some better insight into Aviva. I really wasn’t understanding any of her behavior towards me in St. Barth’s. I apologized twice already and that was clearly not working.

I really wanted to mend the fences with her. I know I am not perfect and I too can overreact in a situation. I just did not want this to go any further. Life is too short to hold onto ill will and anger for long periods of a time.

Entering the hotel to meet Aviva, I really did not know which one I would encounter. So, to brace myself, the sunglasses went on.