Ramona Singer

Ramona doesn't understand what else LuAnn wants from her.

on Jun 11, 2012

It looks as if Heather has a nice circle of friends, , and it’s always nice to get out of the city on weekends and chill out. Mario, Avery, and I do it as often as possible. I can see how much her home means to her, and I admire and respect her for that. I thought what she did in memory of her dad was very touching and meaningful. I lost my father two years ago, and had a tumultuous relationship with him. Even so, I still mourn his loss and that of a father.

Carole has a wonderful free spirit. I find her depth of character very interesting. She is very artistic and accomplished. She is very diverse. . .her book writing, producing, and being behind-the-scenes reporting in Afghanistan. She really intrigues me.

Her relationship is interesting and different. I'm not sure I could handle an open a relationship. It takes a very secure person to be able to accept this or perhaps someone who is afraid of a commitment. This type of relationship means making yourself vulnerable and open to getting hurt.