Ramona Singer

Ramona's not mad she isn't invited, she's mad Heather isn't being honest.

on Jun 25, 2012

Wow I don't even know where to begin this week. It seems as if I was getting it from every angle.

First of all I share my friends and I have always done that. I often have put two girlfriends of mine together that did not know each other well and with hope that they would become very close. So for LuAnn to say I'm jealous of her and Sonja's relationship is absurd and immature. Nothing could be farther from the truth

LuAnn is again trying to stir the pot with my friends, first by making negative comments about me behind my back with the new girls -- and now with Sonja.

When LuAnn sees Heather she says I'm glad you didn't invite Ramona to London. Are you kidding me?!? I really don't know why Heather is holding this grudge toward me, and then to my face she is all smiles and sweetness. I really wish she would just tell me to my face what her issues are with me.

To me if you are hanging out as a group of six women you invite everyone or just one or two. To invite everyone but me did not sit well, I must admit. Even more so was the fact that Heather did not have the courtesy to say to me point blank, "Ramona I'm inviting everyone but you. I don't feel comfortable with you around me so that's it." I would have respected Heather so much more if she did that. That is what I am really upset about -- that she couldn't tell me to my face.