Ramona Singer

Ramona's not mad she isn't invited, she's mad Heather isn't being honest.

on Jun 25, 2012

Let's go back to when I met Heather for drinks. I can't believe what she said to me about the invitation to my table of ten. She got the email and never responded, other than to say her assistant would get back to me. I was being honored at the Steve Awards, which can be compared to the Emmy for women in business. I invited ALL the women as my guests. When someone invites you as a guest and they have a table, you get back to them ASAP.


Why didn't Heather, at that time when we were having drinks, say "Ramona I have no interest in being with you." Or she could have just had her assistant respond, "Thanks but Heather can't attend," or "Ramona I am going to London and taking everyone but you!" Heather acts one way to my face and another way behind my back.

I realize now I'm not upset about not going to London, but I am very upset that Heather is not being true and forthright toward me. Heather is not communicating to me how she feels about me. I don't like people who play games.

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