Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer explains why she was so concerned about Aviva's leg.

on Jul 31, 2012

Let's move on to the dinner at Aviva’s home. Harry Dubin is a good friend of mine, and I find it really inappropriate to talk about him behind his back when he's not there to defend himself. They share a child together, and I found this disrespectful to the child as well. Besides that, the conversation was going nowhere positive, and that's why I did my best to end it.
I could not believe the way George, Aviva’s father, was talking! I was so shocked that he would speak and act this way with mixed company. It made everyone uncomfortable. I thought the best way to handle this was to make sure the dinner ended as quickly as possible. This is why I went into the kitchen and said to bring the main course.
Rather than upset my hosts, Aviva and Reid, I played into the vulgar humor of George all weekend long to keep the peace. This is contrary to the way I normally would handle a situation like that.
Frick and Frack at it again! Some of my best times are getting ready with Sonja in my bathroom. I think this is one thing us women never grow out of! We love getting ready with girlfriends. Whenever we have gone away, Sonja would move right into my quarters. She’s like a sister to me. I love her so much. We of course were teasing Mario that she would move in to our room for the weekend. Mario, knowing how much I care for Sonja, has developed a friendship with her too.
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