Ramona Singer

Ramona reflects on LuAnn's inability to take confrontation and Heather's business sense.

on Aug 8, 2012

Sonja was working with Heather's suggested graphic designer and photographer. They were to create the toaster oven box and they needed to figure out what images to shoot and what to showcase on the box. Sonja had told me she needed me to be present at the meeting as she felt Heather was not listening to what she wanted at prior meetings and wanted me to make sure her voice was being heard. We walked away from the meeting agreeing they would photograph her with the half nude man holding the toaster oven, but also do a shoot with her alone. This way, in post-production, Sonja has choices, wouldn't lose time and had both options covered. In life and in business, I believe you should always cover your options.

I really don't know why Heather was getting testy with Sonja when she went to meet her again or why Heather was trying to back out of the shoot. Sonja had invested a lot of time in this project and at this point it was not the time to start with someone new. I was really surprised Heather was trying to back out. The customer is always right and in this case the customer is Sonja. There was no reason not to do the two different shoots. No one should ever let their ego get in the way with their client’s wants.

The dinner at Le Cirque was wonderful! I happen to enjoy all types of wines.