Ramona Singer

Ramona reflects on LuAnn's inability to take confrontation and Heather's business sense.

on Aug 8, 2012

Mario and I bought a case 1983 Chateau Margaux in honor of our lovely daughter Avery's birth 17 years ago. Since we purchased it, it has gone up more than tenfold in value. Mario and I are a team. When he called out Jacques and LuAnn regarding the Ramona Pinot caper, I found it very interesting that LuAnn exited and wanted no part of it. LuAnn can dish it out but doesn't like to face the consequences.

I was so shocked about what LuAnn did, that I am glad Mario told Jacques how he felt and I was able to stay out of it. LuAnn and I have never been in a great place. I see her for who she is. Despite that, I am trying to get in a better place with her and that's why I did not want to have an argument and confrontation with her at the Christmas party. What LuAnn did was wrong! She knows it was wrong. I knew it was wrong. Many other people knew it was wrong. That's why I could not look her in the eye -- as I would have thrown my wine in her face so fast!

The highlight of that evening was LuAnn's choice of entertainment. Who knew that the self proclaimed "expert on etiquette" would hire an X-rated band!

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