Ramona Singer

Ramona attempts to make peace with Heather, but she's done with Aviva.

on Oct 1, 2012

Mario and Avery are great at ping pong! It’s something that they have always enjoyed doing together.

Avery has gotten quite good at this so I wasn't surprised when she reached the finals in the tournament. When Carole told us about her first tournament ever, we offered to donate the medals that every player received on the ribbons and the trophies in addition to a monetary contribution. Mario, besides having True Faith Jewelry, has produced medals and trophies as well as custom products for his family company, Awards Gifts R Us, which has spanned three generations!

I was so excited to attend an event as a family! The last thing I wanted was any drama so I knew I was going to stay as far away as possible from Aviva and her dad, George. I was so shocked when George came over. Yes he said hello to Mario, but he acted as if he wanted to linger. Was he looking for another confrontation? The fact that he again resorts to name calling shows me the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Sonja's idea to cover her bases by having two different looks for her toaster oven was very smart.

Usually, if time allows, you do a market survey to see which look appeals better to your customer. In this case it would have be either Sonja alone or Sonja with the bare-chested man. This can be costly and time was of the essence, so I really never understood why Heather was opposed to it. It's called covering your options, which is done in business all the time. When Sonja left the meeting, she was told she would get tons of shots sent to her by Heather. The photographer even said he would send product shots when Sonja asked him point blank at Heather's office. Whenever you do a shoot with a model, you always take separate shots of the product alone and the model alone.