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Ramona: Just Don't Ask Me to Go Every Year

RHONY Fight Club

Ep 21:'s Associate Editor makes sense of the many fights in the Season 5 finale.

Oh hello sweet RHONY fans. Eighteen episodes later, we’ve seen so much -- faces in bidets, toaster oven fights, massive debauchery in St. Barths, Google searches, and beachside meltdowns. But how does it all end? How do we close the books on Season 5? With more fighting than you could imagine as it turns out. Let’s try to make sense of it all shall we.

The Queens of the Court
We open, of course, with a ping pong tournament. Because why wouldn’t we? This season has provided so many delightfully bizarre moments that I find it completely non-shocking that we have a table tennis tournament. Frankly, with the outlandish events of this season if Chairman Mao had appeared to play the tournament for all of Forrest Gump's Dr. Peppers, I wouldn’t have been surprised.

We all knew that this would be the first time Aviva and Ramona would see each other post-George bust-up, but I was far more concerned about the ladies’ ping pong prowress. Let’s be honest -- everyone thought LuAnn had this in the bag right? She just seemed like the clear favorite based on demeanor -- and prior experience with ping pong tables -- alone. Of course I should not be surprised that the Singer family tennis dynasty was one to mess with. We’ve seen them destroy enough ‘Wives in the Hamptons (on the court silly) to know this was their camp-style sport to lose. But then the dark horse, Heather “Holla” Thomson rose to the occasion. I hope the trophy was just engraved with the words “holla.”

Of course it wasn’t all tiny shorts and odd mustached men. When Aviva got a chance to bend Heather’s husband’s ear she of course brought up the Ramona situation. Heather is less than pleased with this talking point. Let it go! Can't everyone just get along for the sake of the pong gods!The Bronx is Toast
Finally the moment we’ve waited for arrives -- Sonja’s toaster oven box is unveiled (sadly nothing is inside of it, toaster oven still TBD). But we get a chance to see Sonja in the contested poses. Is she better alone or with men?

With men of course! And everyone does a dance! Heather was correct. James was correct! Sonja is better with her legion of men. Speaking of why did she miss the casting of said men? How can anyone make a male based decision sans Sonja. I barely do.

Brooklyn Has a Leg Up
Meanwhile, it’s time to get Aviva to suit up for her big runway debut. As it turns out the clothing is very, well, leg-centric. Aviva is in the honor position wearing some great Beyonce-style briefs, which has her begging Heather for some tights. Looking at Aviva’s body, I would pretty much never wear tights. If I looked that good I would constantly be in Beyonce briefs. I’d be writing this blog wearing nothing but Beyonce briefs and holding my sex kitten whip. I’d be doing the Heather feel it head bob constantly. I’d probably stop writing and just walk constantly, channeling the black woman inside my body and hoping my fortune would just befall me.

However, Aviva really wants to wear a jacket -- or not wear a jacket -- or put her hair down. She’s not exactly the most obedient model. And so she pulls a twist, as the violin plays she sheds the jacket. DRAMA!

Speaking of not being obedient, Sonja and Ramona do a lot of chattering re: toaster ovens mid-fashion show. As they ponder just how filthy Ramona’s wine glass is, they also give the photographer the Spanish Inquisition about photos. Why aren’t there more of them? And so when Heather finds Ramonja some sort of side hallway chattering about it, things erupt rather quickly. Heather is not having it. She is deep in feel it mode. . .so she wants Sonja to take her headband out of there immediately.

Staten Island Women’s Hospital
In other finally finished news, Carole has wrapped up her manuscript. The baby has been delivered so why not give Carole a stroller, er we mean a party.

So a chic event is in order, of course everyone is a bit fractured, with Ramona and Heather having serious tension amongst the fancy wallpaper (was it just me or was that wallpaper to die? Also the modern artwork behind Carole’s head during the speech is all I’ve thought about for days. For days!). Heather decides to clear the air by point blank asking Ramona if she cares about people. . .that’s a good start.

Of course, once Ramona slightly diffuses that situation another one quickly arises this time with her trusty foe Aviva.

Manhattan Major Moment
So here’s the question -- if you show up somewhere with a check are you suddenly invited? That seems to be Aviva’s initial defense for her dad’s arrival. If that’s the case I’m going to bring checks and show up at all sorts of events.

Meanwhile, as that fight plays out Sonja and Heather continue to hash out their troubles. Fights were everywhere. This was the angstiest book party since the one from Bridget Jones Diary. People were yelling about entitlement, physical abuse, etc. Poor Carole just wanted this to be a baby shower. I guess without real baby shower games, there is no way to keep people distracted. Quick someone produce a jar of M&Ms that we need to decipher the number of or a mysterious baby photo that the 'Wives must identify.

And so the season ends with a bang with contention and enough tension for tons of knives to hack away at. We'll have to see if the reunion provides any solace for our 'Wives. Hopefully Andy can gift each gal a toaster oven and settle this whole mess civily.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting this season. I'm sue all see you in the comments of one of our other fine shows. . .or at the very least when our dear Manhattanites return to us next.

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Sonja: Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

Sonja explains why she and Ramona are family, why she's hiring Aviva, and why LuAnn is still her friend.

At this point, I am numb to the whole BookGate debate. I am not on anyone's side, I just hope that both books are bestsellers and that Carole and Aviva are making enough money to pay the bills with their books because BookGate has definitely taken an emotional toll on their friendship. I know that they were close and had great times together. In fact, Carole was once the godmother to Aviva's daughter. How can this come between them? Such contention over the accusations! I don't know why they let it get so heated. It's not worth it! I just hope that they can forgive each other at some point. As you get to know someone, you get to see their strengths and weaknesses -- and you have to accept those if you're going to be friends.

I was surprised when the girls laughed at me discussing my ability to forgive and voicing my Christianity. I think that it is one of the reasons that I can live my own life and not worry about everyone else's or the grass being greener. It's all relative. We are on Earth for such a short time. I am enjoying every day of my life. I am grateful for the family and friends that I have and my beautiful daughter.

I have so much more than many other people, and I remind myself of that every day with the charity work that I do. That's why I feel so much more comfortable working with artists, animals, the LGBT, and children. It's such a sensitive, caring, and loving place to be. I love my Sonja In The City event planning business because it lets me be me -- an artist and a promoter -- while helping others reach their highest capabilities. Plus I get to do all that while helping me get my daughter through school in a stable environment. It keeps me connected to the movers and shakers who help me manage my investments. I love to produce and to contribute. It makes me feel good.

I believe some of the women fail to take me seriously because I only show them my party side. There is a private side to me that most people don't see, because they only see me out at social events and while I'm entertaining. I throw a lot of events, so a lot of people only see that side, as it's my business and the way I broker some of my deals.

It is amazing how moms like Heather find strength to do dealing with their children's issues, like her son's health and hearing loss. It's what we do with loved ones. We do it with marriage partners too! I surprised myself when my ex had a terrible accident and I was called upon to deal with all of the doctors, therapists, and financial advisors.

I dont feel that Ramona called Aviva vile. She said that she had a vile side. That's different!

I'm not upset that Ramona spoke behind my back about my financial problems. She's human, and I spoke my feelings then and we worked through it the way that family does. We have too much water under the bridge to let opinions or men get in between us.

Heather questioning the legitimacy of my friendship with Ramona is just silly. She knows that we have been friends forever and whatever I have said about Ramona I have told her to her face. Heather knows this very well -- since I'm very upfront about my feelings with her.

The girls saying that Aviva's leg throw was staged is silly. I let Aviva know that everyone was saying she was fake. Even if she plans to throw it on the table to make a point, that doesn't make it staged. It just means she was pushed to a limit. I thought she was hilarious. After all, it was a private party in the back room. We weren't in the actual restaurant. Aviva doesn't go around throwing her leg around in normal restaurant situations. Maybe she and I should take her act on the road! A real dog and pony show! I always said I was a performer, a comedian, and a producer. At my Sonja In The City parties, now we can include Aviva as part of the show!

My overall thoughts of the season was that the reunion had more drama. I felt the season flip-flopped around quite a bit. Harry and I will always have a very strong relationship, just as Ramona and Aviva will always be in my life. Aviva's son Harrison is like my family.

Ramona was definitely going through something this season. I let her know I was upset, but I can't change her and she can't change me. We accept each other the way we are and we work our differences out.

I didn't know LuAnn was going through a breakup. She never shared that with me, and I was getting upset that she wasn't trusting my friendship and was blaming me for everything. I didn't give any credence to any of the rumors that were going around town through the salon that Satoko worked at. Kristen and I just asked the facialist to tell us for fun. I can't stop LuAnn from running out of parties with my guys -- just like I can't stop Harry from taking off and leaving me because he knows I want commitment and he wants to fool around. But that doesn't mean LuAnn's not my friend and that I can't speak my mind in front of her, and it doesn't mean that Harry isn't someone that I love as well.

I hope that you found the season entertaining. I hope that you don't take yourself too seriously! And when the naysayers back you into the corner, just say what Glinda the Good Witch said to the Wicked Witch of the West "Be off with you, your black magic doesn't work here!"

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