Sonja Morgan

Sonja can't believe Aviva would accuse Ramona of bringing her down.

on Sep 17, 2012

Pamela Morgan of Flirting With Flavors and I have been friends for over two decades, and I've used her catering many times. She is a very good friend of Ramona's and also a friend of Lu's so of course I was very happy to be invited by Ramona to join in on the festivities and to get my "flirt" on, have good wine, delicious food and enjoy good friends. BTW check out Pamela's cooking school

What else does one want to do after a hard day at work when deciding to not stay home and rest, take a bubble bath and read a book? Chill with friends. . you all heard I'm not with an artist anymore. . .

I came a little late because when possible, I put my daughter to bed first, before I go out. We always have dinner together 6 pm with the babysitter, interns, family, or visitors staying with us from out of town, and the violin teacher or playdate when we have them!

Hence, the extra pounds folks! When I am busy with all our charities, Sonja In The City parties, and vacations it's impossible to get to the gym, and to cut back because I like to live life and be in the moment, so I partake. It's a high class problem and I choose YES rather than judge and stand on the sidelines. I like to bound with people and laugh. I'm not complaining just explaining.

Oh gawd. What's with the bubble in my hair from my headband? Both Millsaps and Tyler approved that. I better take more brain pills and use the rear view mirror. I tend to avoid it so I don't see my ever growing backside during the winter months! I like to try new fashion and to dress for the occasion. I adore characters like Hello Dolly and Cher, so what's wrong with a headband or the occasional wig?? Say LIZA!!!