Sonja Morgan

Sonja can't believe Aviva would accuse Ramona of bringing her down.

on Sep 17, 2012

Why Lu wants to bring up A-diva after the way she treated Ramona and furthermore, myself I don't know? And. . .she still has an air of defending A-diva which irked me to the tenth degree.

I was still peeved that she threw Ramona under the bus by not admitting that she too said she did not want Reid at the house, and that it was unfair since she didn't have Jacques and Ramona didn't have Mario. This is a normal discussion for girls on vacation to have when having a ball and feeling an eminent change coming to it. I playfully said to Lu you ask him to leave if he comes to stay in the house instead of the hotel as discussed, why does Ramona always have to do the dirty work: meaning everything everyone else is afraid to do or say. Again just having fun teasing two girls I know very well who know. I have no malice, but know them well enough to say that -- because we are FRIENDS. Therefore we are intimate enough to giggle about this in private. This was not to be shared with our new friend A-Diva, and certainly not in a way that says just one of us said it.

Carole is acting too judgmental for a bohemian hippie that lives downtown dating a rockstar who lives in LA, tours most the year, and is in a relationship where they each sleep with other people. Nothing wrong it. Just saying, to say I was drinking too much while staying in a private home on vacation when I came home after dinner, "my fren" is just a little bit hypocritical! We know what rockstars do! Nothing wrong with it, just sayin. . .

Then the first thing Carole does when she gets back to the city (while she is sober) is state that her plan is to get inebriated and then she proceeds to in a public bar with a worthy partner who I would choose myself, Heather, enacts plan, and stumbles out into the public. Nothing wrong with that except would have been great to share a little bit of that with us in St. Barth's after Russ was available, and Aviva arrived. Carole was a blast at Le Ti St. Barths. That was out latest night and we were all home I'm guessing by 12:30 or 1 am. Even Lu wasn't far behind. So I don't know what partying Carole is saying there was too much of or why it was wrong. We had wine with lunch and dinner, and then went home.