Sonja Morgan

Sonja can't believe Aviva would accuse Ramona of bringing her down.

on Sep 17, 2012

I don't know what happened to the Aviva I first met, but she is relentless and she will not stop. Ramona continues to apologize and she does not accept. I have made it clear I have no interest and she further insults me. Good way to mend fences?!?

She will not apologize for the names she calls others and she takes glee in it during her interviews. I did not insult or embarrass Aviva. Yet she continues to insult me after I agree to meet her all the way downtown to clear the air at least. I see very soon she did not want to clear the air, or really care, or have the capacity.

I think Aviva is jealous of my happiness. Regardless of the setbacks I have experienced since the surprise of my separation during a happy marriage and then resulting divorce commencing nearly seven years ago I continue to know what's important in my life.

I have a full life with a loving family, a thriving daughter, friends who support and care for me fiercely, including Ramona, for decades and a team of professionals and interns who are there for me no matter how hard it is and how painful it can be to share. They continue to, as I arc upwards because they know from my history and feel currently my stretch and respect me. They know that they will succeed by association. Successful people surround themselves with successful people. I take offense when people say Ramona is taking me down. She is one of the most successful people you will ever meet. She has a wonderful family, friends, businesses, independence, just as I have and we both had when we met decades ago. No one can take who we are from us!!! Those who watched last season perhaps remember my White Swan Burlesque performance. I wrote it. I meant it. And its still true.