Sonja Morgan

Sonja gives her take on Ramona/LuAnn's tiff, explains her tough couple of years, and talks GLAAD awards.

on Jun 12, 2012

Ramona's comment was that LuAnn was a weekend mother, not a bad mother. Still, Ramona should have never gone there. I still wish Luann would let it go. It's all getting old. You gotta laugh when Ramona vacillates and says "I don't have time for this! I don't even have time for my nails. I get these shellacks now. They last three weeks!" Okay, so now we have time for petty fights with our girlfriend! You can always count on us Housewives for comic relief at just the right time.

I really see myself in Carole at times. I like fashion, but I don't like shopping. So if that boy walked in the store, you can be sure that my eyes would be all over that. I so get the long distance relationship that Carole is speaking of. When you're dating a rock star, it's not about commitment and marriage. Let's be realistic -- he's on the road. They make great boyfriends though! I agree with her 100 percent. It's very sexy to miss each other and appreciate the time that you do have together. When Carole's ready for a commitment again, she'll be on the same coast as her man.

I have been through some really hard times for the last seven to eight years between a miscarriage of my second child, a divorce, a failed movie deal, becoming a single mom, lack of settlement in my divorce, and the possibility of losing my home, so when Hurricane Irene paid a visit in August and the repairs didn't start until November, you gotta laugh or you'll cry! I have learned as a child of a single mother who worked and supported four young children to take things in stride, enjoy the moment and the people around you who are helping you get through the day the best you can and helping you to building a future that you can be proud of. Sometimes that's your intern, your contractor, your contractor's brother, the gay decorator. . .I think you see that in this scene.