Sonja Morgan

Sonja vents about Heather's logo meeting and wonders who has sex anymore.

on Jul 24, 2012

Well, this is interesting! Firstly, that Aviva will even admit her dad is a sex addict (maybe she is using the wrong word?), and secondly that she is comfortable introducing a brand new girlfriend to her father! This is a loaded situation that raises many questions of authenticity.

I'm not new around town and best friends with her ex-Harry, so I guess she knows I'm OK. However, a classic sex addict like the one portrayed by David Duchovny has a problem with fidelity. Being an artistic, sensual person who enjoys a life of good food, wine, love, exercise, sex and culture, all the sights, smells, and touch that goes with this doesn't mean I don't want commitment and respect from family and friends.

As I wrote earlier in my blog I am very flirtatious with those I have no interest in dating. I am very quiet with those I am actually interested in. Isn't everyone? I guess I can be misread because I am so vivacious at times. Jean Harlow I am not! I rather fancy myself as Hello Dolly but I guess I get carried away!