Sonja Morgan

Sonja vents about Heather's logo meeting and wonders who has sex anymore.

on Jul 24, 2012

Then, when her branding man said he didn't research who I was, and the fact that I am a lifestyle brand, I almost died. I say lifestyle brand meaning, I will be sharing an innovative way of living -- time and money saving ways to cook, entertain, stay healthy and young feeling, and take care of your loved ones while still enjoying yourself.

The real clincher was when Heather's branding guy said he wanted to put a sexy hunk on the box with me! What does this have to do with cooking and selling toasters? I guess I have to trust the experts and see where they take me. In the meantime, don't think I'm not going to vent and panic a bit with friends and associates!

I don't like looking so ungrateful. But this is the way life is. Stressing!

Wine night I had a school event. I was sick for Ramona's girl's lunch, but I at least made dinner with LuLu that night, but still I feel I'm missing some cool stuff!

I didn't find the wine thing such a big set up? Did you? Of course Ramona would guess the notes. But what was the set up? Am I missing something? Is Aviva stirring the pot?