Sonja Morgan

Sonja explains why the toaster oven shoot was so important to her and defends Ramona from the other ladies.

on Oct 1, 2012

Okay so tired of these girls talking BS. They get to Ping Pong and the first thing they say is Ramonamonster threw out George?????????

I was in that room and he was pulling her arm, talking in her face, at HER event when she was responsible for 80 other women in the room being happy and pleased that they showed up to support her charity!

What about the generous designer who donated her time, her designs, and the models? What about the hostess who graciously donated her apartment? Now Ramona is supposed to turn all her attention on George? And more attention to Aviva? She thanked him and asked him to put the check in the bowl. He made DEMANDS on her. These events take months to plan and we sometimes have no time to plan them. Sometimes we need to move locations last minute. Anything can fall apart. Seeeeeriously!

When I went to visit Heather to see her collection I complimented her on her brandstamp, that is clean and I voiced that I was concerned that my brandstamp the girl with the high boots, miniskirt, and flowing hair, which was great for Sonja In The City Catering and Special Events may be too fussy for Sonja Home Innovative Living the company that evolved from my toaster oven recipes that so many viewers requested. As I gave cooking demonstrations across the country people asked for my aprons, mitts, tongs, placemats, napkins, everything! How do I do my hair, my smokey eye, what is my dog wearing, where do I get my headbands, hats, etc?

I had discussed Bethenny's girl, which changes as it represents liquor, supplements, or shapewear. I discussed with Heather that I preferred Ralph Lauren's more streamline polo pony. Call me lazy!!! It goes across the board and is recognizable. Heather agreed. She definitely did not like the retro-aproned girl in our first meeting, and I didn't like the idea of redressing the "Sonja Girl" every time.