Sonja Morgan

Sonja explains why the toaster oven shoot was so important to her and defends Ramona from the other ladies.

on Oct 1, 2012

Why is Carole saying Ramona and I need all the attention? We are on the side where the models come out hanging with the photographer where he was standing. Not everyone out of the hundreds decided to watch the show. Some stayed and partied by the several bars.

We cheered on Aviva, loved the fashions. I never expected Heather to find Ramona and I in the exit hall. I told her that. I told her the event was fabulous, that she did a great job especially on the auction. I can see why she was upset though. These events take months and it comes to a boil at the end. We did dance after the incident though.

The photographer was not upset. Ramona and I have done tons of photoshooots. They always send hundreds of pics to choose from. In fact I crop and enhance them myself! My interns crop them professionally. Especially with digital the way it is today. I used the black and white headshot from Brian Marcus on last year's RHONY because we didn't get any other shots. We always planned to have shots of food, the toaster, my headshot. It's all on film at the different meetings, Heather's shoot and then at the box reveal. . .so I don't know. . .bad timing I guess.

I never thought that Gian Andrea DiStefano would say he only had the two pics so I went right up to him excited to see him. Ramona was like a little girl in the cookie jar. I was hurt Heather said I felt ENTITLED. I meant I brought hair, makeup, stylist, my girfriend Kay Unger's dresses, my toaster that took a year-and-half to design, and the studio to shoot in. I felt like a team player and entitled to more than two pictures.