Sonja Morgan

Sonja explains why the toaster oven shoot was so important to her and defends Ramona from the other ladies.

on Oct 1, 2012

Once Heather offered to do the brand campaign with me I gave up a man who works with Martha Stewart. Martha has many! He offered to help and wanted to be attached to the publicity, the box packaging, my website and all that goes with that. Heather came from the right place because she wanted to help me knowing how much I needed that help! However it didn't change the fact that I didn't need another toaster oven shoot that I've done tens of twenty times though. I needed a branding campaign and a brandstamp that would go long-term with the growth of my new companies. Everyone saw my toaster oven shoot last year. Everyone has seen my toaster oven demonstrations online and across the country. Enough already! It's about Sonja Home Innovative Living now and a campaign that reflects that on packaging for a home collection and even doggy clothes. People have approached me about women's clothing, hats, perfume, nail polish, alcohol, whatever it turns out to be we are in the beginning stages of developing.

I asked for the sexy J, a feminine font. I was then told it was free and that I was not the client and that I had to take what they wanted to do and I took offense to that because I know it started from a good place and Heather wanted to help a friend.

In fact, I asked "Do you tell Harry Winston my way or no way?", And James said "Yes!" I don't believe that! People have boards, investors, etc. to answer to. Sonja Home and Sonja In The City won't be Sonja Alone. It will be a team. I will, have to answer to home shopping networks, retailers, and investors as well, if this brand is going to grow the way I think it will.