Sonja Morgan

Sonja discusses Heather's team and why she needed "the Ramona monster."

on Aug 7, 2012

OK, here we go again another branding meeting.

I thought this meeting is supposed to be about me -- the brand. About helping me. Everyone is pushing me to shoot only with the man. But this is supposed be about m.

The logo girl is the same so essentially we agree she captures me. I just want a big "j" because my previous experience with other companies I owned has shown me that people misspell Sonja as "Sonya" or "Sonia" and when people Google I don't want them going to another Sonja or different business entirely and getting distracted. We live in a busy society today!

My first reaction is this font is like Times Roman printed off the computer. I got it 25 years ago on my bath towels at Bloomies!

This guy holding the microwave is in a Samsung ad! I think I'm more original thank you very much. I'm the brand -- not the Abercrombie looking guy. I get it sex sells! I think my persona is enough to sell the toaster. I am the brand and people believe in me and my concept or not.

What's the big deal if are going to shoot from 8 to 5 pm to do one picture with the guy and one picture with me alone? It's not two different setups. At this very moment I don't feel like this is a friend helping me. I feel like I'm being steamrolled. Essentially I am the client because they are the two experts and I am seeking their advice based on my own expertise and knowledge of my customer base and its wants and needs as they have communicated it to me. I'm also very intuitive.