Sonja Morgan

Sonja discusses Heather's team and why she needed "the Ramona monster."

on Aug 7, 2012

I do prefer to work as a team, so I don't mind brainstorming and I was going to roll with this. But I definitely needed a Ramona monster at my side to get their attention! She has known me a long time. At the same time I am going to be open to what Heather has to say because she is an expert with tons of experience. I just wanted to shoot without the guy in case my buyer didn't go for it. Better safe then sorry. I always get a ton of pictures out of a day long shoot. So why not try different campaigns?

Among friends drinking fine wine one should be allowed to slip a bit. This technical business over aboriginals, Indians, and Natives is dizzying. I think Lu felt provoked and did the gesture over her mouth. I didn't realize we were being judged by friends. I agree with Lu, since she's of the descent she can say whatever she wants. Especially with friends. What do I know?

I know Ramona may be over the top this season but she has never looked better or happier. What a waste of Château Margaux at the world famous Le Cirque with legendary Cirio Maccioni. My dear friend.