Sonja Morgan

Sonja discusses Heather's team and why she needed "the Ramona monster."

on Aug 7, 2012

Rebound! Aviva did not say that Harry was a rebound He's very elegant and always speaks highly of people or nothing at all -- a well bred man. Aviva says at Le Cirque was a special place where she and Harry were married in front of Reid, so obviously her family is in agreement. I can't keep track. I want to be friends with both.

Amazing this Poopie the Pig! Kids love it! He's irresistible.

Harry is an Aquarius and will always have cutting edge ideas ahead of the universe. Something will hit, and it will be HUGE. Really huge! Typical of Aqaurius. I only want the best for him. I have nothing but respect for him.

Team? Heather says she put a team together. She brought a brander with a font and a photographer with a book. Both amazing -- but this is just the start. I will bring the studio, hair, makeup, stylist, the borrowed dressed, and the toaster set up with silver platters, etc. I also bring part of the team. We really are just getting to know each other. I still respect Heather because she has an opinion and sticks with it. Some people don't!

I had a brander from Martha Stewart. Heather asked me to wait until after London to work with hers because she trusted him. I had a photographer and Heather had hers. Mine, as well as hers, are free. This is a tremendous opportunity for all involved. Not only is it an exciting brand with great reach but a chance for Heather and I to build a respectful friendship.

I really don't believe you tell Harry Winston that they're going to do your concept or not anything at all. In fact I was told by James this is why it's so terrific because I own my own company and I don't have a large board of directors that I can do whatever I want. So really it's quite the contrary.

The difference here is I'm setting up a campaign to show to different investors, buyers, and shopping networks, plus I also need photos for promotion, cookbooks, and the website.

You will have to tune in to see how our friendship weathers this. Should we mix business with friendship?