Sonja Morgan

Sonja discusses Harry Dubin, Ramona's "craziness," and her business endeavors.

on Jun 18, 2012

Lu looks so beautiful and relaxed in her home with her daughter. Tough subject to bring up,  another kid, but Lu is doing the right thing. My daughter was strongly against another child, but she's so much younger. I hope my daughter will be satisfied later without a sibling. My ex and I were devastated in 2004 when I miscarried my second. It was the first on many disappointments to come for me after a life so blessed. Victoria is so wonderful to be to be open hearted to a new family with Jacques. I love her.

Flying, heights, feeling trapped -- sounds all familiar to me. I thought I had phobias! I hate bridges, going underground (Vesuvio was a problem), small elevators, and high places (especially with balconies). We should have brought Aviva's getaway program to get up this elevator. It's a high one at the St James.

Ramona jet lagged from Florida! LOL. I get jet lag from a two hour flight too!