Sonja Morgan

Sonja discusses Harry Dubin, Ramona's "craziness," and her business endeavors.

on Jun 18, 2012

Heather understands the brand is bigger than just the start-up part, and the catering and special event keg of the business. And she realizes that the logo needs to invision this from the beginning -- because moving parts can change but the brand is always me. 

So I want to finish my recipe book to perfection to include lifestyle tips as well. This is what peeps are asking for!

I cannot rush into things and want to do things in a safe way, so I am not vulnerable once again. An LLC or EIN number will not protect you in these situations. I am sure many of you know that.

So tune-in further to see Ramona and Heather's dueling advice! The heat in the kitchen gets a little too hot for this chicken!

Mario laughed a little hard about Carole's comment that it's still great after 20 years. I think that was just a harsh cut! I think Ramona trusts me around her husband because she knows me so well. She just met Carole! Their dinner was funny though! Carole likes Ramona because she is secure, has a full life, many good and interesting friends. Also Carole has developed and maintained these relationships over the years (that I personally know of and have heard positive things from). That's proof in the pudding. So many people have come and gone in the different circles. I'm sure you all have experienced that in your towns.