Sonja Morgan

Sonja discusses Harry Dubin, Ramona's "craziness," and her business endeavors.

on Jun 18, 2012

Reid, with his soft-soled Hush Puppies must wear a ring! Even Beyonce said "put a ring on it"! And that's one independent woman! I feel a man will attract the wrong woman with a ring and the right women without a ring!! Who wants the right women hitting on your man!?

Wow! Ramona really gets a bad vibe from Heather. She thinks she is playing games. Let's see how this rolls out. Two update girls with strong minds. (I'm an upstate girl too BTW.)

Aviva was a superfan of me too when she met me in my garden. Don't feel bad, Carole. Feels great at first though -- so enjoy it! She's probably like me -- she meets people to love them. She stood up for Ramona when Lu accused her of threatening, too.

Makes good TV but, people think Ramona is crazy? Ramona crazy? Crazy like a fox. She is one smart chick. Carole's no slouch either, and she doesn't threaten easy.

Lu feels uncomfortable that she found out Aviva and her have H. Dubin common. What's the big deal? We should all rejoice in Harry having good taste.