Sonja Morgan

Sonja is thrilled she left Carole's party lizard-less and discusses her ideal business relationship.

on Aug 14, 2012

I like to be cautious and cover my bases. I suggested after seeing James' storyboards depicting one with the shirtless man and one without, we did both because I wanted to have an open mind to their first concept. But at the same time be safe and do the second one as well.

At the end, when I was saying both of James' concepts photographed well it was not to take away from the spirit and time Heather had spent with me on the project. I was talking about the shoot. There is much more to do!

I looked at the time I was spending with Heather not only as a finished outcome, and, yes I had a brutal timeline in general to get this toaster marketed and on the shelf, but once we mapped out 8 to 4 pm to a single photo shoot we had plenty of time to bond as friends with a love for the creative arts and business

In my experience two set ups is nothing! Especially in a studio, I have done several inside AND outside locations in half the time. Heather made a comment behind my back that she had no idea what I had planned for the shoot without the man when it was James who had already presented the storyboards one with and one without. And we both agreed we would streamline it so we had a piece of furniture to hold the toaster rather than the man.

I kept the same look other than an apron which my stylist tapped down to the gown. I couldn't resist wearing my tiaras and headbands! Signature Sonja. Voila! In ten minutes we were ready, once I set up the dishes with the food James' college friend who did food styling had prepared earlier.