Sonja Morgan

Sonja is thrilled she left Carole's party lizard-less and discusses her ideal business relationship.

on Aug 14, 2012

Same food! Same toaster! Same girl! I have to tell you when they do these shoots I'm a real trooper, but I always wonder if the tables are going to collapse or something silly like that, but I'm game!

I like to enjoy myself and the people I work with. I know my brand, their needs and wants, and I have to say true to that or there is no point in doing it.

James and Heather told me that they specifically did not want Ramona at the shoot. I did not want anyone at the shoot -- not that I was particularly excluding Ramona. I don't think it was intentional, but Ramona had it in her head that I wanted her there and they refused. I did not request Ramona's presence at the shoot. I know I can handle the shoot with this awesome photographer Gian Andrea Di Stefano and a little digital LOL!

But the fact that Heather and I put the team together means, of course, she would be there with me to complete the mission.