Sonja Morgan

Sonja is thrilled she left Carole's party lizard-less and discusses her ideal business relationship.

on Aug 14, 2012

I had Ramona at the second meeting because I felt Heather was not listening to me nor understanding my brand. I was so nervous under my own pressures and investment and Ramona knows me well and my brand is my lifestyle. Heather is a new friend and James hadn't even looked at my website. I was worried.

When I complimented Heathers Yummie Tummie logo she offered to help me with my mine because I was not sure that my symbol (logo) the "city girl" would work across the board. I thought it would be too limited to use across the board with Sonja Home, Innovated Living, and Sonja In The City Special Events and Catering.

Therefore when Heather offered to help me I was not expecting to see only a new font (also part of the logo) but a new symbol (logo) I insisted at the first meeting that I needed a larger "J" and decided to go forward with the original girl due to time constraints since they had offered no real change to it. Ramona popped the capital J in the Antiqua font that that they offered and that I had on my bath towels for over 25 years! We separated the girl, as I had said and I think it looks very good for now. As Heather said she changed hers over the years.

Next was the photo shoot. Breezy easy! I do these photo shoots in my sleep! And so do they! When the concept of two setups being too much came to play I was baffled. We also had discussed head shots, food shots, and separate toaster oven shots. Heather had agreed she gets as much as possible at one shoot.

I think the underlining tiff between Ramona and Heather made the pressure more intense and also the fact that Heather is a very public business woman also adds pressure. The bottom line is when a friend offers to work on a project with another friends -- one should never rub it in their nose that it's comped or very expensive. It's a gift between friends, whether it's material or intellectual. I was not complaining about James' ideas. I was gracious but wanted to have both of James' concepts to be safe. Heather's motto is to empower woman and make them feel good about themselves. When I produced the film The Marsh, with a $7 million budget we had many trade outs for exposure and super star actors who agreed to work for less. When there were creative differences on the set the Oscar winning actor, artists, and professionals did not resort to complaining about what their pay is or the fact they donated free cars, watches, laptops, etc. for exposure