Sonja Morgan

Sonja is thrilled she left Carole's party lizard-less and discusses her ideal business relationship.

on Aug 14, 2012

Sonja in The City throws many comped parties where not a dime is paid and I take the complaints along with the compliment -- but I never say one never paid.

Heather changed her tune at Ramona's red wine party. I think out of the heat she realized I respect her a lot and look forward to a long friendship. She and I are strong minded, but never did I not feel her love and want for me to succeed. She says what she means. And she sticks with it. I respect that. I don't like two-faced. I like to know what I'm dealing with.

I never did request Ramona at the shoot. I think she misunderstood that one.

Janna Bullock's was a Sonja in the City event and used my caterer rather than her usual Italian caterer. I was thrilled she trusted me. Janna has the finest most worldly taste. I had to find a last minute location because her building wouldn't allow it, but R. Couri Hay who I have known almost 30 years pulls through with his beautiful townhouse. There is always a last-minute glitch!

Ramona is hilariouuuuuuus when she is behind Heather talking about her mocking Jacques accent as fake behind her back after saying its not good to talk behind anyone's back. Everyone does it. Heather's says some things behind my back that she doesn't say to me. I call it venting. Of course I care about my brand more than she does. It's how I support my properties, which are businesses in themselves, and how I support my daughter since child support alone doesn't do that.