Sonja Morgan

Sonja shares how she felt about Ramona's comments and how she feels about her interns.

on Jun 26, 2012

Film for long enough and you are bound to see good friends have a tiff!

Firstly, I didn't blow off Ramona, Carole, and Aviva for lunch, I was sick. I was sad to miss such a beautiful lunch with goody bags! Ramona is always so thoughtful and goes out of her way to make her girlfriends happy. She takes you to lunch and brings a gift! I would think anyone would be appreciative. I'm staying with her this weekend in the Hamptons, and I am sure that my stay will be nothing short of spectacular!

Ramona and Lu always have tension between them, exclusive of me and all else! I love to tease both Ramona and Lu because it confirms to me that we are real friends that I can play with like that.

I spend a lot of time in Europe and have met plenty of royalty as Lu has, so I enjoy joking about her crown at dinner. In Europe, a title like Lu's means a lot, is stressed often, and is aaaaallllways made known in an introduction. I know in America it isn't, but believe me it is in Europe! I am here in Venice, now as I write this, and I can tell you every title has been made known at every lunch, dinner, and occasion. One's heritage and roots is something to be proud of and cherished. I think that is why placement seating at parties is so popular here. "Placement" is where they put a place card with your name in front of your plate so everyone knows your full name (including title if you have one). Sometimes just the last name says it all. Especially if it's Windsor, Malbrorough, or Borghese. It's not quite like Cheers!