Sonja Morgan

Sonja shares how she felt about Ramona's comments and how she feels about her interns.

on Jun 26, 2012

It pains me to see Ramona trying so hard to be friends with Heather because Ramona has hundreds of amazing well-earned friends. I didn't realize until I saw this scene how much Ramona wants to be included. I am such a loner that I didn't catch it! As public as I seem with all my charity parties and entertaining, I actually spend a lot time in solitude and need it! Why Ramona would want to be included on Heather's trip is strange, because they are so uncomfortable together. But Ramona is still oblivious at this point that her and Heather are not on the same page.

Interns can be hard on me and I'm hard on them. They have no experience and I have little patience when they don't know how to address an envelope or can't put a date in the calendar properly (I mean literally, like with the right floor number or proper cross streets). But we need each other! They want a safe place to live in New York and to learn from the experiences of an old bag like me (they learn from my mistakes), and they get into the swing of NY instantaneously through the contacts I've built over my many years!

We work hard but we enjoy ourselves too. I have taken the interns to the most fabulous private apartments with art collections one would never typically see in a lifetime, movie premieres, galas, backstage at concerts, top restaurants, and top resort areas around the world. At the same time they learn to manage a calendar, finances, and all the comings and goings of a busy household of a single mom. Priceless experience I could have used ages ago! Oh, to have learned from someone else's mistakes. We go on fabulous trips as well! I took an intern when my dog Millou was nominated for a Golden Collar Award in Hollywood and another when we went to Palm Beach for my daughter's spring break! Despite the ups and downs, I still couldn't possibly manage all that I do without my team. Interns can train to do personal assisting, production assisting, styling, makeup, hair, PR, catering, social media, to legal assistant in this house! Believe me, we cover the gamut.

Millsaps is very loyal, caring, and is wonderful to have in the family. My daughter loves her too! Everyone does! Do we drive each other crazy? Yes! We learn as we go. No one is perfect. We are part of a team. Sometimes the team is lacking a key member, but that's life! When we aren't nose to the grindstone, we know how to enjoy life and know what's in important in life -- building meaningful relationships that last! We have the summer in the Hamptons, and me to St Tropez and then Millsaps leaves to go back to school for her Masters! She will be missed terribly! She will always have a place to stay in NY with us and she'll definitely get a great reference!