Sonja Morgan

Sonja explains why she missed Aviva's event and mourns the loss of Milou.

on Aug 20, 2012

I was very proud of the beautiful party Sonja In The City put together for international jet setter, Janna Bullock, who is known worldwide for throwing the best parties and putting together the chicest crow!

Of course, never fail, there is an upset. As it was I was pressured because last minute we could not throw this party at Janna's home. So. . .thank goodness for my dear friend R. Couri Hay who reciprocated to both Janna and I and lent his gorgeous townhome designed by our friend Campion Platt. That is what friends do!

He made sure everything was according to Janna and my specifications and was gracious throughout the whole creative process. There is always a glitch. You plan for that, and have to roll with it. Ramona donated the wine, and as usual Sonja in The City kicked in the rest with Couri and Janna. Thank goodness for tradeouts. What did you think of my gorgeous servers??? I thought they were fantastic at Aviva's when last minute they were required to serve a three course meal on trays since it was too cramped to be seated!!! Thank you all around for the generosity and gracious behavior in pulling off another event. #TeamSonjaInTheCity

As for the drama, I was surprised Heather told Mario that Ramona was crazy because she doesn't name call (that I know of). The thing I respect about my relationship with Heather is we may have our creative back-and-forth banter and tug of wars (because we are both strong minded) but she never personally insults me. She understands I am fighting for my vision and I feel I need to get Sonja In The City and Sonja Home off the ground in the right fashion. She, being a designer and a creative as well, has her vision. I still feel I know my client base and potential investors better. I also have had extensive talks with shopping networks and retailers. I just want to be careful. I also need tons of pictures for the website, promotions, and demonstrations.