Sonja Morgan

Sonja explains why she missed Aviva's event and mourns the loss of Milou.

on Aug 20, 2012

Ramona was so cute when she was standing behind Heather listening in to Heather talking about people talking behind other people's backs. The fact is Ramona confronted Jacques. I confronted Heather with my ideas and stuck with them. I never complained. I thanked her many times, and she knows. James agreed to two set ups. This is his expertise. So I don't see the problem. . .

Dr. Sharon Giese is the one to go to! She really is one-stop shop and she is in my neighborhood. She is pleasant and easy to talk to and she makes it painless, more or less. Ramona looks incredible!!! Who looks like that in a swimsuit at any age? Dr. Giese has all these different procedures to tighten up loose, aging skin and has a great aesthetic eye, while being conservative, so she therefore uses alternatives to plastic surgery as well ( Also, Ramona plays a lot of tennis and eats well. She works hard and plays hard. That keeps her young.

I was very happy to see LuAnn and Ramona getting along while shopping. The tension was getting old already. I hope they have moved on. I enjoy them both and would love to be able to share a meal with them together without agita!