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Must Love Dogs

Ramona on Her Divorce From Mario

Carole on Elitists and Bitches

Heather Says That's a Wrap

Sonja: Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

The Countess: Sonja and I Are on the Outs

Aviva Says Bye for Now

Kristen on Surviving Her First Season

LuAnn: For Ramona Ignorance Is Bliss

Who Cares How Carole Wrote Her Book?

Carole on Stupid Things You've Heard on Bravo

Aviva's "Foul Ignorance"

Kristen: Ramona's Out of Touch with Reality

Sonja Is Very Private

Ramona on the Grueling Reunion

LuAnn: Sonja Is Off the Rails

Heather: Et tu Ramona Singer?

Aviva on Kristen's "Gatemouth" Look

Kristen: Sonja Could Be Successful

Sonja's Glad Aviva Threw Her Leg

Carole: Waiter, We're Done

Ramona: Aviva's Leg Scared All of Us

Heather Focuses on What Matters

LuAnn: Sonja Only Has Herself to Blame

What Else Does Aviva Have in That Bag?

Aviva: Leggy Blonde

God Gave me a Great Ass and His Approval

Sonja on Her Harry Situation with LuAnn

Ramona: Where Did the Time Go With Avery?

Heather Tips to Plan a Party for Carole

Aviva Rises Above the Nonsense

Love Kristen Tender

Sonja and Harry Aren't Good for Each Other

Ramona: Mario's Voice Is So Sexy

Aviva Defends Her Asthma

Heather's Sasha Fierce Moment

Nothing Is Too Romantic for Sonja

LuAnn: I Sing When I Feel Like Singing

Kristen: This Show Has Helped My Marriage

Carole: Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies. . .

Ramona: Just Don't Ask Me to Go Every Year

Must Love Dogs

Sonja explains why she missed Aviva's event and mourns the loss of Milou.

I was very proud of the beautiful party Sonja In The City put together for international jet setter, Janna Bullock, who is known worldwide for throwing the best parties and putting together the chicest crow!

Of course, never fail, there is an upset. As it was I was pressured because last minute we could not throw this party at Janna's home. So. . .thank goodness for my dear friend R. Couri Hay who reciprocated to both Janna and I and lent his gorgeous townhome designed by our friend Campion Platt. That is what friends do!

He made sure everything was according to Janna and my specifications and was gracious throughout the whole creative process. There is always a glitch. You plan for that, and have to roll with it. Ramona donated the wine, and as usual Sonja in The City kicked in the rest with Couri and Janna. Thank goodness for tradeouts. What did you think of my gorgeous servers??? I thought they were fantastic at Aviva's when last minute they were required to serve a three course meal on trays since it was too cramped to be seated!!! Thank you all around for the generosity and gracious behavior in pulling off another event. #TeamSonjaInTheCity

As for the drama, I was surprised Heather told Mario that Ramona was crazy because she doesn't name call (that I know of). The thing I respect about my relationship with Heather is we may have our creative back-and-forth banter and tug of wars (because we are both strong minded) but she never personally insults me. She understands I am fighting for my vision and I feel I need to get Sonja In The City and Sonja Home off the ground in the right fashion. She, being a designer and a creative as well, has her vision. I still feel I know my client base and potential investors better. I also have had extensive talks with shopping networks and retailers. I just want to be careful. I also need tons of pictures for the website, promotions, and demonstrations.

Ramona was so cute when she was standing behind Heather listening in to Heather talking about people talking behind other people's backs. The fact is Ramona confronted Jacques. I confronted Heather with my ideas and stuck with them. I never complained. I thanked her many times, and she knows. James agreed to two set ups. This is his expertise. So I don't see the problem. . .

Dr. Sharon Giese is the one to go to! She really is one-stop shop and she is in my neighborhood. She is pleasant and easy to talk to and she makes it painless, more or less. Ramona looks incredible!!! Who looks like that in a swimsuit at any age? Dr. Giese has all these different procedures to tighten up loose, aging skin and has a great aesthetic eye, while being conservative, so she therefore uses alternatives to plastic surgery as well ( Also, Ramona plays a lot of tennis and eats well. She works hard and plays hard. That keeps her young.

I was very happy to see LuAnn and Ramona getting along while shopping. The tension was getting old already. I hope they have moved on. I enjoy them both and would love to be able to share a meal with them together without agita!

I am so happy Aviva is getting involved with the One Step Ahead Foundation and bringing awareness to it through new friends. Its founder Amy Palmiero-Winters is also a beautiful mom who is an amputee. She has broken many marathon world records and sets an example for children through sports, helping them with their self esteem. It's a perfect fit for Aviva! If you go to their photos you can see the sports trips Amy takes and she visits the kids.

In fact, that's why I introduced Aviva to a charity I support, Rusk Institute of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine. I especially like their therapeutic recreation. They have art, cooking, and music. Being a creative type I gravitate towards this kind of rehab.

Aviva told me it's where she rehabilitated when she lost her leg, so it is the perfect place to give back. At the event we raised over $340,000 in tickets and the Intimate Apparel Square Club has raised over $6 million so far. I am sure Aviva will inspire many more ticket sales!!!

Ramona is always very generous and wrote a check to One Step Ahead to support the children who need prosthetics. She puts her money where her mouth is. I have several charities that I budget for each year and find it so hard to say no to the rest. Sometimes saying no to just sharing my time is hard, so. . . I don't! Then I find myself stretched too far, but in the end it's all worth it to see the happiness on a kids face when doing the simplest of things with them -- an animal placed with a family, an artist supported, or a homeless LGBT youth protected from bullies and possible suicide!

Regarding Aviva's outburst, it wasn't nice to yell at Ramona in her home. People try to come to your charities, and then sometimes things come up. As I said she must not be a dog person. I was dressed and ready to go, but Millou has been at my side for 18 years. He slept in my bed, and had been from Turkey to Russia and everywhere else with me. He's protected me, my daughter, my ex-husband, and all my other loved ones. He had an unbelievable personality and was loved by all. In fact, just before he passed away he was nominated for a Golden Collar Award in Hollywood and walked the Red Carpet with Uggie from The Artist, Arnold from Entourage, and many other fine dogs.


He is irreplaceable family to me. He gave me no trouble EVER and these devastating foreshadowing incidences where he would lose all bodily function started in February. I lost him March 25th, at 2:22 am. May he rest in peace.

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Sonja: Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

Sonja explains why she and Ramona are family, why she's hiring Aviva, and why LuAnn is still her friend.

At this point, I am numb to the whole BookGate debate. I am not on anyone's side, I just hope that both books are bestsellers and that Carole and Aviva are making enough money to pay the bills with their books because BookGate has definitely taken an emotional toll on their friendship. I know that they were close and had great times together. In fact, Carole was once the godmother to Aviva's daughter. How can this come between them? Such contention over the accusations! I don't know why they let it get so heated. It's not worth it! I just hope that they can forgive each other at some point. As you get to know someone, you get to see their strengths and weaknesses -- and you have to accept those if you're going to be friends.

I was surprised when the girls laughed at me discussing my ability to forgive and voicing my Christianity. I think that it is one of the reasons that I can live my own life and not worry about everyone else's or the grass being greener. It's all relative. We are on Earth for such a short time. I am enjoying every day of my life. I am grateful for the family and friends that I have and my beautiful daughter.

I have so much more than many other people, and I remind myself of that every day with the charity work that I do. That's why I feel so much more comfortable working with artists, animals, the LGBT, and children. It's such a sensitive, caring, and loving place to be. I love my Sonja In The City event planning business because it lets me be me -- an artist and a promoter -- while helping others reach their highest capabilities. Plus I get to do all that while helping me get my daughter through school in a stable environment. It keeps me connected to the movers and shakers who help me manage my investments. I love to produce and to contribute. It makes me feel good.

I believe some of the women fail to take me seriously because I only show them my party side. There is a private side to me that most people don't see, because they only see me out at social events and while I'm entertaining. I throw a lot of events, so a lot of people only see that side, as it's my business and the way I broker some of my deals.

It is amazing how moms like Heather find strength to do dealing with their children's issues, like her son's health and hearing loss. It's what we do with loved ones. We do it with marriage partners too! I surprised myself when my ex had a terrible accident and I was called upon to deal with all of the doctors, therapists, and financial advisors.

I dont feel that Ramona called Aviva vile. She said that she had a vile side. That's different!

I'm not upset that Ramona spoke behind my back about my financial problems. She's human, and I spoke my feelings then and we worked through it the way that family does. We have too much water under the bridge to let opinions or men get in between us.

Heather questioning the legitimacy of my friendship with Ramona is just silly. She knows that we have been friends forever and whatever I have said about Ramona I have told her to her face. Heather knows this very well -- since I'm very upfront about my feelings with her.

The girls saying that Aviva's leg throw was staged is silly. I let Aviva know that everyone was saying she was fake. Even if she plans to throw it on the table to make a point, that doesn't make it staged. It just means she was pushed to a limit. I thought she was hilarious. After all, it was a private party in the back room. We weren't in the actual restaurant. Aviva doesn't go around throwing her leg around in normal restaurant situations. Maybe she and I should take her act on the road! A real dog and pony show! I always said I was a performer, a comedian, and a producer. At my Sonja In The City parties, now we can include Aviva as part of the show!

My overall thoughts of the season was that the reunion had more drama. I felt the season flip-flopped around quite a bit. Harry and I will always have a very strong relationship, just as Ramona and Aviva will always be in my life. Aviva's son Harrison is like my family.

Ramona was definitely going through something this season. I let her know I was upset, but I can't change her and she can't change me. We accept each other the way we are and we work our differences out.

I didn't know LuAnn was going through a breakup. She never shared that with me, and I was getting upset that she wasn't trusting my friendship and was blaming me for everything. I didn't give any credence to any of the rumors that were going around town through the salon that Satoko worked at. Kristen and I just asked the facialist to tell us for fun. I can't stop LuAnn from running out of parties with my guys -- just like I can't stop Harry from taking off and leaving me because he knows I want commitment and he wants to fool around. But that doesn't mean LuAnn's not my friend and that I can't speak my mind in front of her, and it doesn't mean that Harry isn't someone that I love as well.

I hope that you found the season entertaining. I hope that you don't take yourself too seriously! And when the naysayers back you into the corner, just say what Glinda the Good Witch said to the Wicked Witch of the West "Be off with you, your black magic doesn't work here!"

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