Sonja Morgan

Sonja gives us some more background on her interns and her home life.

on Jul 3, 2012

Dirt bikes! I grew up with a brother racing dirt bikes and me riding my pony around, trying to see what the boys were up too. It's great that Heather is giving her kids the outdoors and that she can get down and dirty with them and still keep up with the fashion bling and pop culture of NY. I think it's important to teach kids to entertain themselves and to be entertaining. Sometimes I feel like kids these days don't know what to do with themselves if they don't have 20 dollars for a movie.

Michael Musto in the background of the black and white clip of Ramona cracks me up. He adds spice to ANY party! He's a friend who writes for The Village Voice.

Heather now makes it clearer that its a business trip and she has these international relationships that she is worried about and she feels she needs to protect them.

Donor egg?! Prenatal vitamins for two years?! Gosh! I Had no idea LuLu had been practicing for so long. First comes love! Then comes baby carriage! Then the marriage. . .? That's so European Lu! Mind over matter when Lu says she feels her ovaries moving with the first pin pricks at the acupuncturist! Hilarious! Talk about a placebo.

I don't know how I could handle going to the doctor like Heather with Jax with such a devastating disease. My sister's son lost a kidney and a half and nearly died to cancer. He had Wilhems disease at 18 months old. We found out Christmas Eve! Somehow moms do what they have to. I'm so fortunate to have my health and to know my daughter is thriving. Money cannot give a life back; a child or a parent. I try to cherish every moment for this reason. Sometimes I feel I'm too "busy" around my daughter. It bothers me. I consciously plan "mommy and me time" for this reason. Just her and I and no phone, emails, or other people. Even if it's just being together doing nothing but being together.